Romulan Star Empire / D'deridex Class

Romulan Warbird is a large, heavily armed starship equipped with an excellent cloaking device. I like the Warbird's impressive, unique design, although the warbird is always formidable competitor for Federation's starships.
I have finally finished my took almost two years to complete the model.

Free downloads
You can download the Romulan Warbird below for FREE !
The materials consist of 13 sheets (A--M) and instructions (1-4). I hope you enjoy it.
Instruction as well as the description on the sheets will be helpful.

sheet-A sheet-B sheet-C sheet-D sheet-E sheet-F sheet-G sheet-H
sheet-I sheet-J sheet-K sheet-L sheet-M
Instruction 1 Instruction 2 Instruction 3 Instruction 4

* * Tips * *
- All sheets should be printed onto A4 paper.
- Parts for frames (sheet-M) should be attached to cardboards with the thickness of >0.7mm.

Good luck on your modeling!

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