Akira Class Starship

Akira Class Starship

The Akira class is a relatively large starship with heavy armaments. The warp pylons extend from the upper ends of two catamaran-like secondary hulls which run into the top of the saucer section. The Akira has two shuttlebay doors at the rear and one central door at the front end of the saucer.

Photos of my finished model for your convenience.

Free Downloads
You can download the model and instruction below. Enjoy your modeling!
Sheet-A Sheet-B Sheet-C Sheet-D Sheet-E Sheet-F
Instruction1 Instruction2 Instruction3

* * Tips * *
- All sheets (A-F) should be copied onto A44 paper. Please refer 10mm scale on each sheet.
- Parts B-1 and D-1 should be attached to ccardboards with the width of 0.7mm and 1.6mm, respectively.
Good luck on your modeling!

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